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Boston ARCH 4F Intervention to Reduce Fall Risk in People With HIV and Alcohol Use

This study is being conducted to assess the acceptability and feasibility of a randomized trial of a 10 week virtual intervention to reduce fall risk in people with HIV who consume alcohol. The hypothesis is that this randomized trial of the fall prevention intervention will be found to be feasible and acceptable in this pilot stage. Standardized assessments will be administered in-person at Boston University Medical Campus to assess various domains including fall risk, fear of falling, physical performance measures (such as grip strength, balance, and gait speed), substance use, and other related measures. The intervention has 3 main components: home exercises, virtual group sessions and weekly phone check-ins. Home exercise will be customized to match the current fitness level of participants. Participants will be asked to complete assigned exercises 3 times per week. Additionally, there will be a weekly virtual group session led by an Occupational Therapist trained in group facilitation via Zoom. The virtual group sessions will be used to help answer any questions and lead a discussion around challenges related to falls. Finally, a member of the research team will check-in with participants once per week to answer any remaining questions that participants have, provide individual feedback on exercises, and set up reminders for the upcoming week. Reminders will be tailored to the individual participant's needs to remind the participant to complete the intervention's components.

Start: July 2021