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Shared Decision Making in Dialysis

Older patients ≥65 years with chronic kidney disease (CKD) face challenges in decision making about dialysis. These patients report little effort by physicians to elicit treatment preferences, discuss prognoses, or explain the burdens/benefits of dialysis options including conservative management. Older patients with CKD often prefer maintaining the quality of life over prolonging life, and many regret their decision to start dialysis: nearly one quarter withdraw from dialysis each year. Shared dialysis decision-making requires active engagement between nephrologists and patients to align patient, caregiver, and physician communication around common goals. The proposed study is a pilot randomized cluster trial of a dialysis shared decision-making (DIAL-SDM) intervention for nephrologists (n=20) and their patients ≥65 years old (n=60) with an estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) of ≤ 20 ml/min/ /1.73 m2. Nephrologists in the Intervention Group will receive 3 communication training sessions, delivered by a standardized patient instructor (SPI) who enact clinical scenarios and offer feedback. In parallel, patients (and caregivers, if available) will receive 2 coaching sessions provided by health coaches, who will explore each patient's relevant contextual information (values, preferences, and goals), and help them identify and practice important questions for their nephrologist. Nephrologists in the Control Group will provide their patients with usual care. The study outcomes will be assessed during two nephrology office visits and at 6 months.

Start: October 2021