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40 active trials for Clostridium Difficile Infection

Establishment of the Human Intestinal and Salivary Microbiota Biobank - Gastrointestinal Diseases

This is a prospective, clinical, multicentre study aimed to collect biological samples and study microbiota from subjects with Clostridium Difficile (CDI), subjects affected by Multi Drug Resistant Organisms (MDRO) infection, subjects with Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), subjects with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), subjects with Hepatic Encephalopathy and from healthy volunteers. Microbiota is a complex consortium of microorganisms, located at the mucosal level (in particular intestinal, oral and vaginal) having a key role in human health and in the onset of several diseases. Microbiota alterations have been found in several diseases (gastrointestinal, metabolic, renal, oncological, gynaecological) The study will allow to: Provide biological samples (faeces, saliva, blood, urine) from healthy volunteers and patients to the first Italian microbiota biobank; Study microorganisms using different in vitro and in vivo techniques; Study the link between the microbiota and the disease. This study is part of the BIOMIS project (Project Code: ARS01_01220), presented as part of the "Avviso per la presentazione di progetti di ricerca industriale e sviluppo sperimentale nelle 12 aree di specializzazione individuate dal PNR 2015-2020" and admitted to funding under the National Operational Program "Ricerca e Innovazione" 2014-2020 by directorial decree of MIUR - Department for Higher Education and Research - n. 2298 of 12 September 2018. BIOMIS includes several clinical studies that enrol patients with different pathologies to collect and store biological samples and study microbiota.

Start: February 2021