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Mobile Application Support for Women With Breast Cancer Undergoing Chemotherapy

Mobile phones have become an essential tool for everyday life. The convenience and easy accessibility of the data and information received through mobile phones have made mobile applications as the latest trend to provide education for patients in medical centers. In Taiwan, breast cancer incidence has been the highest among all cancers and the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in women. Women with breast cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy suffer from a number of symptoms throughout the chemotherapy treatment that detrimentally affects their quality of life. Thus, providing social support and nursing care aids for these vulnerable women is imperative to help them face their breast cancer challenges. This study will develop a Mobile device application providing medical care information and social support for breast cancer women during their chemotherapy treatment to help them receive individually tailored information related to chemotherapy and support from healthcare professionals and peers. This study will use a mixed-methods design to develop a Mobile device application based on breast cancer literature and the clinical experiences of breast cancer patients to fulfill the needs women may experience during the chemotherapy treatment. Women with breast cancer will be invited to help refine the Mobile device application's content based on their experiences and feedback about the mobile application. Upon completing the mobile application development, women with breast cancer patients will be recruited to participate in a randomized controlled trial to examine the effectiveness of the mobile application. The results of this study will provide a foundation to deliver a remote, personalized, and continuous health care model to improve the self-efficacy, social support, and quality of life of women with breast cancer, and ultimately enhancing the overall quality of care and patient satisfaction with the medical care participants receive.

Start: October 2021
Concordance Between Liquid and Tissue Biopsy

Tissue biopsy is a procedure to remove a piece of tissue (sample of cells) from the body to be analyzed in a laboratory, and it is commonly performed to confirm diagnosis of a patient with symptoms of breast cancer recurrence. It may also provide information on tumor markers (hormone receptors, HER2) that can guide treatment decisions. The goal of this study is to determine whether blood tests (which require less-invasive procedures) can be used to confirm diagnosis of suspected recurrent breast cancer (as compared to tissue biopsy). Investigators plan to investigate blood factors which include circulating tumor cells (CTCs - i.e., cancer cells that can be detected in the blood), circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA - i.e., pieces of DNA from cancer cells that can be found in the blood), as well as other biomarkers. Investigators will conduct this study in 120 participants who present with suspected breast cancer recurrence and symptoms of cancer that has spread to other areas in the body. Participants will be asked for blood collection within 30 days before tissue biopsy. The tissue will be analysed locally to determine the presence of cancer and the tumor markers listed above. The blood will be processed and stored for analysis of CTCs and ctDNA. If these blood tests show concordance with tissue based tests (presence of cancer cells, hormone receptors & HER2 status), these tests could be used in future studies to confirm diagnosis using a non-invasive procedure. Also, investigators believe that the results of this study can influence other research of early-stage recurrent breast cancer.

London, OntarioStart: July 2020