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8 active trials for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation

Setting a Benchmark for Resource Utilization and Quality of Care in Patients Undergoing TAVI in Europe

Non-interventional, multi-center, international registry in patients with severe aortic stenosis (sAS) undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). The BENCHMARK Registry aims to implement standardized, reproducible and scalable quality improvement measures, which will help to reduce resource requirements, intensive care unit bed occupancy and overall length of hospitalization with uncompromised patient safety. The registry will consist of the following phases: Retrospective phase (purpose: capture the status quo of each site prior to any Quality of Care improvement measures): The TAVI of patients being eligible for retrospective documentation must have been performed prior to the site's enrollment into the BENCHMARK prospective phase (follow-up: 30 days, 12 months). Education phase: Each center will undergo an online BENCHMARK education. The contents of the education will be: Reflection on treatment pathways with the TAVI team, education on 8 defined Quality of Care improvement measures, followed by a center self-assessment (to self-assess the current alignment of hospital performance with the BENCHMARK Quality od Care measures). Implementation phase: After having self-assessed the current alignment of hospital performance with the following BENCHMARK Quality of care measures, each center will start to introduce the tailored Quality of Care improvement measures to their hospital routine within a time frame of 2 months. Prospective phase (purpose: to document the effects of defined quality of care improvement measure and to make sure patient safety is as least as good as in the retrospective phase. (8 months of recruitment, Follow-up: 30 days, 12 months)

BucharestStart: May 2021